Website of an experienced hitchhiker from Europe containing practical hitchhiking tips and backpacking golden rules, hitchhiking experiences and thoughts...
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Website of Claudio Adriano Dobre - Hitchhiker and Adventurer from Europe

Website of Claudio Adriano Dobre, an experienced hitchhiker from Europe known among the European hitchhikers simply as "Adriano", containing practical hitchhiking tips and backpacking golden rules, hitchhiking experiences, thoughts on travelling and educational travel photos.
As teenager I spent a lot of time at my grandparents in the countryside, surrounded by beautiful golden fields of grain, small lakes and rivers, hills cultivated with corn and other crops, and forests of a deep green that turned brown and red in autumn and became finally grey and silver in the winters; my main hobbies were fishing and hunting, and the meat of the animals that I caught with my own hands always tasted like nothing better in the whole world.
Hitchhiker profile: love for the countryside

As my years as teenager finished and my life was made mostly of living in the city I started to feel the lack of adventure, that adventure that used to fuel my wild spirit when I was in the countryside.

Hitchhiker profile: how hitchhiking feels
I was introduced to hitchhiking. I experienced the unknown and unpredictable, felt the empathy of the human nature, the sense of freedom and the adaptability that demands. I liked it. In time I started to do it more and more. And more often. I am not a traveler. I am a hitchhiker.

I was introduced to trekking on the mountains. I listened to the sounds of the forest, felt the harmony of the nature, the satisfaction received from the challenge of climbing them and the respect that they demand. Felt mountains as the home of my spirit.

Hitchhiker profile: respect for the nature
Both times, when I hitchhike and when I hike on the mountains, I feel these activities as expressions of my adventurous and wild spirit. And after some time that I am not hitchhiking or trekking on the mountains, I miss how I feel when I do it.

I find pleasure in long hitchhiking trips and mountain hikes of more than a day, that are challenging and stimulate my instincts, and I find satisfaction when I overcome the difficulties that arise during my journeys. To me, a trip is not a good trip if no problems and no challenges arise along.

When I am hitchhiking my favorite moment of the day is the break of dawn, those few minutes in the early mornings before the sunrise when the sky becomes colored in pink and violet.
Hitchhiker profile: finding pleasure in long hitchhiking trips
For those few minutes that this magic moment lasts, I like the feeling that brings: a new day is about to begin, I can go far away, a new adventure is ahead and many things can happen.
Both hitchhiking and hiking on the mountains sometimes can be arduous, going through blowing snow and freezing temperatures, but the beauty of these activities lies exactly in the challenges they present.

My adventurous and wild spirit shaped in time also my style of exploration of the world: hitchhiking, backpacking and camping. I am not interested that much in touristic spots, I like a lot more beautiful landscapes and I hitchhike just for the pleasure of being on the road enjoying the road itself. I try to spend money only on food and on nothing else.

Hitchhiker profile: making a fire
Always felt a strong connection with nature, I respect it and I do my best to protect it. I enjoy sleeping outdoors - sleeping under the stars somewhere into the wild, making a fire and cooking fresh meat and vegetables on it are some of the things I enjoy.

I am curious, believe in self-improvement and enjoy learning every day from every new situation that I am facing. I believe that dreaming about something and believing in myself is the first step to achieve what I dream about. Life taught me that to become a stronger person, I have to face my fears. I know that the glory belongs to those who pursue their vision. I listen to my instinct and to my heart, as I know they will always drive me on the right path. Experiences taught me to believe in karma as well.
Hitchhiker Adriano

Hitchhiker profile: people I enjoy
I enjoy spontaneous yet well organized people, able to make plans for the future, who keep their word when they give it, who are fair, loyal and sincere, who mean what they say, who have an adventurous spirit and a positive attitude towards life, curious and little crazy. I take things seriously. I say what I think, and when I give my word I always keep it. And I like people who are like this. Of course, people who are not used to hearing simply everything get easily offended by my words. There is no way I enjoy people who are double-faced, or who make excuses, because I truly believe that as long as there is Will there is A Way.

I have a romantic look at life. In time, I also noticed I always enjoy more admiring a beautiful landscape together with someone than alone - being able to live that experience together, sharing that precise moment, to me is of immeasurable value. I enjoy the company of people who are sensitive to the beauty of nature.
Hitchhiker profile: sensitive to the beauty of nature

People who met me say...

Hitchhiker and Adventurer from Europe
"Meeting with Adriano is like charging yourself with a positive attitude that leads to happiness and success and can change your whole life. With that I am saying that people like Adriano will never be lost. He will always find a way how to enjoy the time that he has for himself and others and get the most out of it, even if he is alone in the middle of nowhere."
Liva Juskevica